School Staff

Educational Staff 2017-2018

Kindergarten: Ms. K. Davison (French), Ms. Louis (French), Mr. B. McCarter and Ms. K. Murphy 

ECE:  Ms. J. Cyr, Ms. M. Simpson, Ms. L. Ferris

Grade 1:  Ms. S. Beerkens  blog:     newsletter

Grade 1/2:  Ms. L. Arno

Grade 2/3:  Ms. M. Moreland

Grade 2/3: Mr. D. MacEachern

Grade 3:  Ms. T. Belanger

Grade 4 / 5 Blended:  Ms. H. Greene, Ms. T. Frangione,
Grade 4 / 5 Ext:  Ms. H. Greene 

Grade 4/5/6:  Ms. S. Owens 

Grade 4/5 Imm:  Ms. T. Menard (French)
Grade 4/5 Ext: Mme. S Pedulla

Grade 5/6 Ext: Ms. S. Amadio
Grade 5/6 Blended: Ms. S. Amadio, Mr. T. Martin

Grade 5/6 Imm: Mme S. Pedulla

Primary French:   Mme E. Rassi 

EA: Ms. C. Barry,  Ms. A. Anandarajah, Ms. V. Mielke, Ms. J. Rawcliff, Ms. R. Ramalho, Ms. A. Hladkowicz

Resource: Ms. Nadia Schoenrock

Principal - Mr S. Gay

Office Administrator - Mrs. W. Baldin

Library Technician - Ms.M.  MacDonald

Head Custodian - Mr. G. Lauzon

Night Custodian - Mr. Carino

About Our School

Principals Message

Welcome to St. John XXIII Catholic School where students receive an innovative, faith-based education. The staff is proud to partner with parents and guardians in the education of our students. Through a spirit of community and cooperation, we strive to educate the whole child, spiritually, academically, socially and physically. 

On behalf of the entire staff, I invite you to visit our school. We are proud of our students, our programs, and the entire school community. Come experience St John XXIII.

Stephen Gay


Opened in 1963, as Pope John XXIII School  we are located in Nepean. Our school motto is "A School to Believe In." Our community is a wonderful mix of families from all walks of lives and nationalities. We are proud of the active role of its parents and volunteers and the positive effect this has on the lives of the students.

On April 27, 2014, Pope John XXIII was formally canonized in a ceremony in Rome. Our school has been re-named to reflect this honor to Saint John XXIII. This name change will came into effect for the 2014-2015 school year.

We celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2013-2014. A new addition has been made to our time capsule and will be opened in 25 years honoring Saint John XXIII 75th Anniversary.

Much has happened at Saint John XXIII Catholic School on Knoxdale Road since it opened its doors in 1963, at that time, one of the new Catholic schools built to accommodate the growing suburban development in Nepean.

St. John XXIII Catholic School is named after the 261st Pope, who reigned from October 1958 until his death in June 1963. Known affectionately by many as “Good Pope John” and “the most loved Pope in history,” he was declared “blessed” by Pope John Paul II in 2000, the penultimate step on the road to sainthood.

Our St. John XXIII school community believes that a Catholic school is one in which the teachings of Jesus Christ are integrated into the day-to-day curriculum and social fabric of school life. The strength of our school comes from the Catholic faith that the staff, students and community share. We aspire to have our students develop a way of living that embodies the life of Jesus Christ.

The staff and students of St. John XXIII Catholic  have many opportunities to pray and demonstrate their Catholic faith. These opportunities include: school-wide and classroom liturgies, retreats, fundraising for charities and community service.

Activities, Clubs & Teams

Eco kids - We are a Silver Eco School 2012-2016

Peer helpers

Kindergarten helpers

Milk helpers

Lunch monitors

Safety helpers

I Movie Club - primary and junior

Chess Club  

Sports: Track and Field, Soccer, Basketball,,Cross Country, Tchoukball, Volleyball, Handball, Touch Football, 

Intramural - grade 4 -6